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Learn How to Stage Your House in the Winter

In the St Louis area we are fiding homes sellin at a record pace even during these wintermonths
Posted: December 28, 2016 by Norman Polsky

Even during these cold months the real estate market continues to be hot during these ciold days. The main issue for buyers today is that there are not enough homes on the market for the demand. We are seeing multiple offers on those homes that look good and those that our priced right. If you are thinking of selling your your home, now is a great time to be placing it on the market with a shortage of homes and some very good interest rates. Here are some thoughts on how to stage your home during the winter months:

Some Home Staging Ideas :

1. Sidewalks

Whether you live in an area with heavy snow all winter or you've had a big storm on a day with several showings scheduled, all areas of the yard should be accessible for buyers. That means not only making sure there's a safe, snow-free path to the front door, but also that paths are cleared to any outdoor areas the buyer will want to view.

2. Light
Put t your home in its best light by opening all shades and draperies, as well as turning on all available light sources (including closet lights). Turn off televisions and computers, which don't add to the warm glow you're trying to achieve.

3. Keep it Inviting

 If you have a fireplace that's in good condition, that's a great place to start. Try setting your thermostat a degree or two higher than usual to give buyers a reason to linger instead of heading back out into the weather.

4. Embrace the Holiday Season

Tasteful holiday decorations can help create the warm, family feel you're trying to achieve. Think lush wreaths, a tree with inviting white lights, and candles in the windows for subtle yet powerful emotional appeal.

5. Street Appeal

 Pots of evergreens can help add some color to your walkways and yard. Always make sure that gutters are cleaned and shrubs are trimmed, too. Street appeal is one of the keys in getting a home sold.

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